What I worked on and how it all connects

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How a patient qualifies for a bundle


Enterprise Log In Flow


Episodes 1.0 - What we were presented with to improve

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Action plan to improve the usability of Episodes 1.0

Daily Roles of Users
Persona Questions: Employee information, Device + Technology, Product Likes + Dislikes


Based off our interviews, we found that the users had issues with the following:

  • Overwhelming and unmanageable data

  • A lot of users manually wrote down on paper their own lists of patients they needed to check up on every morning

  • Too much time spent scrolling past the patient's summary to get to content they needed to see

  • Horizontal scrolling on tables confused the less tech savvy users, they wondered where the rest of the information was



Solutions to the above mentioned problems in the first major iteration



Testing results

  • Users: Liked worklists but wished it had more breakdown

  • Business: The patient's page didn't tell their story well and found the vertical cards difficult to scan for information

  • Development: The background patterns made the load times too long



After multiple user interviews, testing sessions, and iterations, the provided prototype link shows what the most current solution is:

Let's Check Out the Prototype!

Prototype includes:
  • Patient Lists
  • Worklist
  • Attestation View
  • Filters
  • Patient Profile
  • Patient Summary
  • Add Patient Form
  • Worklist CTA Form

How often are users coming back?

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Are they accessing new features that were pushed out?

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Through the patient's page, users can navigate to the "Create Patient Portal Account" feature.
From the patient's side, they will receive an email to confirm an account has been created.

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Before jumping into the designs, the first thing I needed to do was better understand patients and their caregivers. It was important to speak to patients in hospitals and observe case managers in post acute facilities before creating personas for care managers and patients.


Let's Check Out the Prototype!

Prototype includes:
  • Patient's Health
  • Questionnaire
  • Checklist
  • Care Plans
  • Account